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Vol. 2 Issue 2 Part B

2019, Vol. 2 Issue 2, Part BPages: 79-84

Use of crazy card games in understanding pathology-research

Dr. MP Brundha and Dr. Akshaya K
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Aim: To analyze the use of Crazy Card games in understanding Pathology by a comparative study.
Introduction: The scheme of using games to seize the attention students in the process of active learning is not that really new. Over the past several years, educators have been progressively encompassing various games into their teaching syllabus in an effort to create interactive and fun filled learning environment for students. Although this can be little time taking, interactive, collective and competitive games tend to boost and induce students to actively participate in the process of learning. One such game is using of Crazy Cards in recalling difficult differences between pathological terms.
Materials and Methods: A Sample size of 150 second year undergraduate students was selected by using Random sampling method. The sample population was grouped into two. Group A consists of 75 students, who were exposed to Crazy Card games, Group B consists of 75 students who were not exposed to crazy card games.
Inclusion criteria: Second year Undergraduate students who haven’t learnt those topics earlier.
Exclusion criteria: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student who have previously learnt those topics. Also, students who do not have pathology as their main subject were omitted. Topics for Crazy Card games were taken. Both the groups were made to take tests on the topic and the results were statistically analyzed, compared and thus interpreted.
Result: There is a significant increase in the marks obtained by the students who learned by playing crazy card games. Thus, this kind of teaching methodology proves to have a positive impact on students to study pathology.
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Dr. MP Brundha, Dr. Akshaya K. Use of crazy card games in understanding pathology-research. Int J Clin Diagn Pathol 2019;2(2):79-84. DOI: 10.33545/pathol.2019.v2.i2b.82
International Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Pathology
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