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Vol. 2 Issue 1 Part E

2019, Vol. 2 Issue 1, Part EPages: 293-295

Donor blood wastage: Reasons & Prevention

Mayur J Kokani and Chiragkumar B Menapara
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Aims: 1 Analysis of various reasons for discard or wastage of donated human blood & 2) Discussion on possible preventive measures for minimization of this loss
Materials & Methods: This retrospective study was conducted at the blood bank, department of pathology, GMERS medical college & hospital, Junagadh (Gujarat-India) and included data from records of previous 26 months (January 2017 to February 2019). Reasons for wastage were categorized into four groups namely expiry, under-collection, sero-positivity for TTI & others including leakage, contamination, hemolysis, etc.
Results: Total 16,057 blood units were collected and out of them, 240 units (1.49%) were discarded. Out of discarded units, 13.33% were due to Expiry, 37.09% were due to Under-collection, 42.08% were due to Seropositivity and 7.50% were due to other reasons.
Conclusion: It is almost impossible to achieve 0% wastage of donated blood. So, appropriate preventive measures must be taken in order to minimize the same.
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Mayur J Kokani, Chiragkumar B Menapara. Donor blood wastage: Reasons & Prevention. Int J Clin Diagn Pathol 2019;2(1):293-295. DOI: 10.33545/pathol.2019.v2.i1e.41
International Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Pathology
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